Our goal is to position ourselves as a supplier of packaging material and supplies for the main industries of the Galician community, extending our scope of action to other markets, both national and international.

At Xallas Embalajes we offer a wide range of products highlighting pre-stretched film, stretch film, shrink film, polyolefin, adhesive tape, strapping and corners.

Our competitive advantage focuses on the quality of our products and on agile and effective customer service.

Xallas Flejes y Suministros del Embalaje, S.L. is a company incorporated in 2003

Packaging specialists

We are a company specialized in the packaging sector, with the handling of strecht film being one of our strengths, always attending to the needs of our customers and with a variety of colors, being able to be customized.

We are specialists in retractable low-density polyethylene, LDPE or PEBD plastics, with a variety of formulations of standard and non-stick material, capable of adapting to all types of facilities.

Work as a team, divide the work and multiply the results

Work team

From day one, we have attached great importance to the development of our professional team. We know that people are fundamental to our progress as a company.


Our reason is to provide our customers with the appropriate packaging materials and supplies for the protection of their products, always guaranteeing quality and speed.


We want to continue growing with our customers, adapting to an increasingly sustainable environment with a more efficient use of resources, thus heading towards the circular economy.


  • Cooperation
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Active listening
  • Problem solving
Our strengths

Acquiring means and technology, enhancing the development of our human team and orienting the relationship with customers in the long term.

We have worked together to grow together with our customers, always considering the strengths that support us: